BeeShaper Always In Good Company

1 year ago

The European startup scene is dominated by men, leaving women entrepreneurs in the shade. According to the research by The European Startup Monitor, less than 15% of the founders of start-ups in Europe are women. In order to change that, German magazine "The Hundert" has selected and published a list of top 100 European startup entrepreneurs.

Various founding stories of women from 40 countries of Europe reflect the spirit of the current generation of founders of European start-ups, which was published by the famous Forbes. The only representative of Serbia included in the 100 best European startup entrepreneurs by the eminent German magazine "The Hundert" is Dragana Đermanović, co-founder of the startup "BeeShaper" and CSO Bee Premium Group. How did we get to the very top of the European startup scene?

BeeShaper has been in the public beta phase in Southeast Europe since September 2014. We have made the first most difficult steps a long time ago, but after almost two years our walk is safe, we are walking upright and there is no stumbling. We didn’t have many "childhood illnesses", because we learned from the best in our BPG family. PRpepper, Prometric and Bee Creative & Tech shared their experience and knowledge like true elder brothers and they weaved the best of themselves into Beeshaper.

BeeShaper, as the largest customer base for online brand promotion, currently 15,000 users (Shapers) and reaches up to more than 9 million accounts on social networks in the region. Our shapers use almost all the relevant social networks from the most popular Facebook and Twitter, to LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and there are also Viber and WhatsApp. Although influential social media users are also registered on the platform, BeeShaper is directed primarily to the ideal representatives - Shapers. This is a new generation of Internet users whose time has come. They are attached to a product or a brand which they love, so they would promote them without incentives. They truly love the brand they promote and they aren’t ashamed to show their attitude!

Thanks to our users and brands who know how to recognize the quality of our service, so far we have organized more than 95 successful eWoM campaigns for major brands, associations and advertisers in the country and the region. Some of the largest companies in the country have put their trust in us, such as Telenor and Telenor bank, L'oreal, IDEA, Rosa, Atlantic Group, Nestle ... We work with a significant digital marketing agencies in the region who are our reliable partners on the mission to give brands a human voice.

BeeShaper now touches every other Internet user in the region, and last year we integrated three largest blogging platforms in the region, and so ​​that there are more than 400,000 bloggers in our base. Our blogging campaigns are very successful, and in combination with BeeShaper campaigns they give best results. Bloggers in our base, as well as other influential internet users we work with, are our great friends and partners on this path of success of BeeShaper. For them, we are only just preparing the pleasant surprises on our BeeBlog Network.

Finally, and most importantly - there is our team! At the initiation and implementation of each BeeShaper campaign more than 20 people are engaged, including strategists, analysts, programmers, psychologists, designers, system administrators, legal, financial and other advisors and a very sophisticated software we call BeeStorm! Behind BeeShaper is a team that looks at problems as challenges. We create campaigns, assist in their implementation, and constantly innovate our service. Most importantly we are always here! We are here for our users (Shapers), clients, bloggers ... We are here for you and because of you!

With an impressive base of loyal customers, large and diverse brands, prominent bloggers and creative team we have entered the top of the European startup scene. It’s really nice to be in such good company. Thank you for your trust!