Campaign ideas
Marketing campaign

Increased visibility:

  • web sites and applications
  • official pages on social networks
  • videos (commercials, promo videos ...)
  • photo and infographics
  • FB status, tweet, YT videos or pictures on Instagram ...
  • Let the real people talk about you!
Promotion of PR activities


  • Interviews and news published on media portals
  • Articles and media reports
  • Press releases on media portals
  • Announcements and news (new management, logo, product / service, location...)
  • Blog posts, publications on portals, forums
  • Good stories worth sharing!
Event promotion

Sharing links to announcements and invitations for:

  • event / party
  • action in store / street event
  • TweetUp
  • fairs

Our users will call their friends, be ready for guests! :)

HR activities


  • job advertisement
  • Volunteer advertisement

Expect a lot of high quality applications!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sharing online post about:

  • grant
  • sponsorship
  • partnerships with institutions
  • partnership with celebrities and promoters
  • humanitarian action

Let your example be a motivation for others!

Sales and presales

Sharing links for:

  • online ordering
  • promo campaign
  • coupons
  • online application

Increase your sales!

Crisis and potential crisis situations


  • denials
  • officials' statements

Let them hear your side of the story!

We are ready to go global. Come on board!

What you get for free:

  1. Precise analytics

    You'll know who you ideal representatives are, where they are and what they do during specific hours of the day

  2. StopFraud
    For you to know what you pay for

    Are you sick and tired of bots and fake clicks? You'll know exactly what you pay for and where your visits come from.

  3. SEO

    Is it important for you to be well positioned on search engines?

    Do you want your target group to have easy access to you? Thousands of link and clicks improve your online reputation.

  4. Tracking
    • Results displayed in real-time
    • The ability to know where your campaign is positioned at any given time
  5. Brand visibility

    Increased invisibility is increased value. When people from all social media platforms talk about you, it's no longer just a campaign, right?