About us

Who is behind the Shape?

People. Gaga, Marko, Mima, Mihailo, Coka, Dunja, Aljaž, Vera, Vaske, Vlada, Goran, Dejan, Milan, Nikola… And a very sophisticated software - we call it BeeStorm! Actually, we are a rather unusual corpo crew that solve problems and constantly innovate throughout our social media agency business. We’re creating campaigns, solving online crises, promoting new products for our clients… and we’ve been doing it for years! We sometimes need more visibility to properly promote what we do. More interaction! More personal recommendations. Our clients deserve more attention for the great things they do. We needed a tool that would direct the attention of huge number of people to them. But in an nondisruptive, natural, interactive, conversational and polite manner. Because that's also who we are.

When you think (& feel) about it, the solution is clear - people. We needed people to talk about our brands to their friends. All ower the social web. Whenever we need it. As many people as our clients need. That is exactly what we have built BeeShaper for.

Go get some real people that already love your brand, that occasionally share what you do, and make them your own messengers! Or use BeeShaper to do that for you in no time!

And it's working quite well!

We deliver two simple things →

  1. huge online visibility and engagement with authentic humane voice for brands and
  2. possibility for individual Internet users to discuss and directly influence the brands they care about while being paid for it

Huge online visibility for brands and possibility for users to discuss the brands while being paid for it!

BeeShaper is part of Bee Premium Group hive, alongside with prpepper - social media agency, PROmetric - data mining hub, BTC - Tech and Creative agency and BeeBlog - network of 400.000 blogs that we serve and own. Take a look at what the BPG hive has done so far.

Now we can make it more formal: BeeShaper is multi sided SaaS, with corporate users on one side, and individual users on the other. We deliver and measure high quality buzz for biz on all social networks, from one place. BeeShaper is an e-Word of Mouth, influence marketing or native advertising platform. Technology behind BeeShaper - php & laravel framework; Riot framework; MySql mongodb for nosql… We've been working on BeeShaper since spring 2013, and since September 2014 we are in Public Beta in South East Europe reaching more than 10.000.000 social media users and owning one in two blogs in our region. We are bootstrapped and self sustained, seeking for smart partnerships. Team up with us!